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What is an Android Widget? Could they save us money?

First of all we should define what a widget is. A widget is a mini application view that can be running into another application (such as the home screen) and receive periodic updates.

One of the huge advantages of the Android operating system is the ability to customize your home screen with widgets.

Sample of Android Widgets

So now, What is an Android Widget?
Android Widgets usually provide some type of common service that could be displaying useful information or granting you one-touch access to settings and apps. For example, widgets give you timely access and control to things like your battery life, a search engine, your memory space, the calendar, or can allow you to check the weather in a one-touch access.

What could I use an Android Widget for?
There are widgets for just about everything including texting, Facebook, Twitter, email, weather, stocks, news information, music controls and more.

If you would like to save:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Battery life
  • Memory space

you should start using Android Widgets. See how they work.

Android Widgets, where can I get them?
Fortunately we have to say that you already are in the right place to download Android Widgets for free. To get them you can check out the Android Widgets Menu on the top left of this page.