Endomondo Sports Tracker

Want to hire a personal trainer but can’t afford it? There are no excuses now that Endomondo Sports Tracker has been released.

Endomondo Sports Tracker is an all in one Android widget that allows you to utilize the GPS in your phone to track your exercise progress in many different ways. One unique aspect that Endomondo Sports Tracker has is the implementation of social interaction you can have with other people. This Android widget has a friends list where you can see what others have been doing within the program and how far and what exercise activity they have been performing, From there, you can leave comments to cheer them on their active and weight loss journey or you can setup a meet where the two of you can exercise together. This makes the whole process much more fun and adds an element of competition, which is perfect for those who consider themselves very competitive people. For example, the widget keeps track of your best time and farthest distances you have jogged and of everyone on your friends list. From there, you can challenge their best time or distance and try to beat it yourself. The history tab keeps track of the various workouts you perform and includes a great graph where you can track how far and how many calories you have burned by week or month.

Endomondo Sports Tracker Features

  • Easy to use and navigate interface
  • Online contests, challenges, and competitions are great motivation tools built into Endomondo Sports Tracker that make exercising more exciting and entertaining.
  • Excellent music integration – This Android widget allows the user to play music through this program so you can listen to your favorite tracks while exercising and keeping track of how far you have jogged or ran.
  • Facebook implementation is done very well and you can add an option to share all of your workouts on Facebook as a new update.
  • Workouts track how many calories you have burned based off of your inputted weight and distance you have exercised.

Endomondo Sports Tracker Cons

  • Endomondo Sports Tracker uses a large amount of battery. This Android widget uses the GPS feature built in your phone and can drain your battery completely, so it would be wise to charge your battery before and after using this widget.

If you are looking for a way to lose weight and track your exercises, Endomondo does the job extremely well. The social implementation is done very well and being able to communicate with your friends is an awesome touch.

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