Divide android widget allows anyone with an android phone to split their phone into two separate interfaces; one for business and one for pleasure.

Many people use their phone for business reasons and want to keep their phone’s interface as professional as possible. However, once the workday is over android widgets such as games, movie reviews, and other entertainment related programs are also nice to have. With Divide you can completely split your phone into two functional interfaces. This is excellent for those who entertain clients and need to access their phones for business related reasons such as work email, power points, calendars, and much more.

Divide allows the user to distinguish and separate their personal and business life. Once the android widget is installed from the android market, the widget can be placed on the phone’s screen. You can switch between the two modes extremely easy, by double tapping on the new home button widget that is placed on your screen. Once pressed, you can switch between the two phone’s interfaces. This is perfect for those who need to have a clean and business friendly look while at work or dealing with client’s and want a fun background and games when it is time to play.

Even more features

Another excellent feature Divide has is to make two completely different look interfaces. Custom themes are becoming more and more popular for android users but they sometimes do not look the most professional. Now you can have the best of both worlds with one of the nicest and slick android widgets available in Divide. Divide allows you to press a home button twice to switch between interfaces. Having two spate interfaces is really an excellent feature as it keeps your phone’s home screen tight and organized. This allows all of your work related programs completely accessible. Also, if your boss, client, or co-worker needs to use your phone you will not be embarrassed at having angry birds on your home screen.

Divide is an awesome widget for anyone who wants to separate their personal and business lives and phone interfaces. You will never have to worry again about having a co-worker borrow your phone to make a call and see your games on your home screen or your goofy looking custom background. Instead, you can quickly bounce your phone into professional mode and leave them impressed. Divide is free to install from the market and anyone can you and download it today.


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