What is the etymology of the word ampersand? Do you know that billingual babies actually have more brain power?

You will learn that and much more with Dictionary.com Widget. This widget lets you know; the word of the day, the spanish word of the day, the question of the day and the Hot Word in a daily basis. It also gives you the opportunity of saving your phrases or words as Favourites ones.

Dictionary.com is one of the preferred dictionary tools for students. They can use it to do their homework, look up words while reading books or texts, or simply for checking out curious facts like the spanish word of the day or the question of the day.

Great and Innovative tools are also included

The widget includes a very useful thesaurus feature which will help you expand your vocabulary. This tool is also a top favourite by young people.

[highlight]Apart from allowing you to hear the pronunciation of each word you look for, you can also say the word out loud and Dictionary.com will find the meaning of it.[/highlight]

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