Cloudskipper Music Player

A great music player with many library options

In this day and age it is becoming more and more common to have a music playing device such as an iPod or MP3 player. Lately we have gone to new technological heights by adding these abilities to our phones. Storage capacity is being exponentially increasing giving us the ability to put hundreds, even thousands of our favorite songs, movies, and all other types of media at the tips of our fingers. But once this media is loaded on to our devices we need something that is number one going to sort it out neatly, because a jumbled mass of mixed up information is NEVER useful, and secondly ,and truly more importantly, something that is actually able to play the music files we have so carefully selected for constant transit. Cloud skipper music player does just that. And it does it quite nicely to be short.

One of the major up sides to this player is that there are no ads and banners covering 90% or your screen and constantly slowing down speeds, and no commercials interrupting your blissful midday musical vacation experience. Cloudskipper also allows you to share the music you be blaring with your friends on face book and even on Twitter. It is also able to target certain people with certain songs so you can share with peoples specific likes in mind.

It also has a very active staff in the way of customer service. They are devoted to getting things working right, so if there are any bugs just let them know and they get right to work. They are also constantly adding new features and better updates so you will constantly be getting a better product.

Cloudskipper has many library features including:

  • The ability to create and edit playlists so you can get the perfect mix of tunes for that perfect situation.
  • Being able to delete tracks and albums right from the widget instead of having to plug it into your computer which can be incredibly detouring.
  • Large album artwork. Because they worked so hard on that album cover!
  • Ability to create ringtones out of the songs you have. This can be very useful when wanting to get a specific part of a song and it doesn’t cost you anything to buy it as a ringer!
  • The sleek design of its mini player and its button placement.

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