ChannelCaster: Social News

Customize Your News to Provide Up To Date Information from Your Favorite Sources

Whether you love to be updated on the latest sports, celebrity gossip, or local news ChannelCaster Social News Android widget will let you fully customize up to date information. There are several thousand different news sources that you can choose from and allows you to create your very own news channel.

ChannelCaster: Social News Features

  • Several different preset news sources to choose from including top stories, gossip and celebrity news, entertainment, and popular twitter trends.
  • Popular Videos: You can also watch popular videos that are making headlines on youtube. This is a great way to keep in touch with what is going on in the world and watch some hilarious videos at the same time.
  • Popular Photos: The popular photos module of ChannelCaster allows the user to check out hundreds of popular photos that are currently trending on the web. You can search for beautiful nature photos to shocking news photos from events that are happening. Also, you can search keywords and bring up vibrant and colorful photos about absolutely any topic
  • Weather: Another great feature about ChannelCaster is the ability to easily check the 7 day weather forecast in your area. Also, you can search by zip code areas all over the county to see how the weather conditions are.
  • Customizable Channels: The main and most popular channel is the ability to build your own news channel. You can choose from several websites, Twitter accounts, YouTube channels, and other media sources to choose to receive the different news items. For example, you could make a channel called “basketball” and choose your favorite sports websites, your favorite basketball related twitter accounts from players, beat writers, and teams to keep up to date with all things basketball. Also, you can add videos to the channel to see video recaps and the newest slam dunks from your favorite team.

The Best Way to Keep Up To Date

ChannelCaster Android widget is an all in one program that allows the user to keep up with the latest news through various channels. Users can read the newest stories that are trending around the globe, view popular photos, view popular videos, and see the weather from all over the world. With the mass amount of media available to your android device, ChannelCaster is the best way to fully choose which news sources you are interested in hearing from and what topics interest you.


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