Catch Notes

Take notes about the things that really matter with Catch Notes!

Catch Notes lets you capture and organize important information, ideas or experiences through text, voice recordings, web clippings, images, reminders and locations. This Android widget allows you to upload (sync & backups) all your content for free to

Catch Notes also gives you the opportunity to share your data (notes, photos, etc) with friends through email, Google+FacebookTwitter, etc. However, this Android widget doesn’t make your notes public by default. You can also choose to share a ‘secret’ URL to a note by turning on sharing for a specific note and sending this link to the people you want (remember that, this kind of ‘private’ notes won’t be crewled by robots nor indexed on search engines).

Getting started with Catch Notes

First of all, we believe it’s good to let you know that you don’t have to have a account to use this Android widget. Although we strongly recommend you to sign in for free (you can also use your Google Account to sign in) as this enables you to sync to This way you will be backing-up your notes automatically on a regular basis. It will also give you more security, in case you ever lose your Android or your device has to be reset.

The main screen functions:

  • My Notes – You can see all your notes sorted by date. From there you can also look for notes which include pictures and search for notes by tags.
  • Tags – You can search for notes typing the tags or picking them from a tag list.
  • Text Note – Enter a private note, share it later. Using # you will mark your words as #tags.
  • Gallery Note – This function will let you choose a picture from a Gallery and add it to a note.
  • Camera Note – This Android widget allows you to take an instant picture and attach it to a new note.
  • Voice Note – Catch Notes gives you the chance of recording a voice message and storing it as a note. You will then be able to share it with friends, export it to SD Card, etc.
  • Reminder Note – You can create a kind of alarm note which will notify you about the things you wrote in this note at the requested date and time.

Sice Android does not allow to run Android Widgets from external storage like SD Cards, you can download the little Catch Notes Widget from Market, this way you will be able to move Catch Notes to your SD Card and use Catch Notes Widget on your Home Screen.

What’s more?

You can protect your notes by setting a 4-digit password. You need to go to Menu > Settings > Passcode Lock > Enter your new passcode twice.

Catch Notes also includes a QR Barcode Reader which can be used to add information to your notes.

In case you have any doubts or suggestions you can contact the widget developers through email by going to: Menu > Send Feedback.

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