Calorie Counter by FatSecret

Track your calories and reach your weight goal in a very easy way.

Calorie Counter – Sample

Calorie Counter Widget lets you follow up on your ingested calories so you can achieve your desired weight. This Android Widget contains a large database of the calories in different foods, so all you have to do is input the name and the size of the meal you ate and Calorie Counter Widget will add this to your Food Diary‘.

How does Calorie Counter Widget work?

First of all you need to select your country at Settings > Select Region. By doing this, you will let Calorie Counter Widget display an accurate food list in your region. This widget has loaded a list of meals for more than 25 countries.

Calorie Counter – Main Menu

You have 4 Quick Menus and ways to load the type food you ate, these are:

  • Food (List of food you can select. For example; bread, eggs, fast-food, fruit, etc).
  • Restaurants & Chains (Displays a list with the most popular restaurants and chains from your country, and it also lets you select their menu items).
  • Popular Brands (Shows you a list with the brands and their products).
  • Supermarket Brands (Displays a list with the supermarkets which are present in your country and their goods).

Once you have selected the exact meal, you will be displayed with a menu called ‘Food Info. From there, you will be able to:

Calorie Counter – Food Info

  • Change the serving size (e.g. small, medium or big slices).
  • Check the nutrition info (amount of calories, proteins, carbohydrates, etc.).
  • Add food to your ‘Food Diary’ as a Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or Snacks/Other.
  • View a picture of the food. You can also upload one.
  • Nutrition Facts (This is a sheet which contains the detailed nutrition information of the selected food).
  • Frequently eaten with (You can select another food which you usually eat the selected one with).
  • Find related foods.
  • Find store nearby (This widget allows you to find the stores which sell the selected food near your location).

After you have added the ingested food to your Food Diary’, this Android Widget will allow you to start tracking your diet.

Calorie Counter – Food Diary

The ‘Food Diary’

This displays you what kind of food you ate at breakfast, lunch or dinner and the amount of fat, carbohydrates, proteins and Calories on a daily basis.

Furthermore, this Android Widget calculates your Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) to give you a daily calorie target to achieve your weight goal. The RDI calculation is based on your unique factors including your age, weight, height, gender and activity level. You can calculate the RDI going to ‘Food Diary’ > Daily Summary (tap on the RDI graphic) > Calculate RDI.

What else?

Calorie Counter Widget allows you to track your daily workout (Excercise Diary) and weight.

This widget also provides you with a Diet Calendar’ which shows you the RDI%, Food Calories, Burnt Calories (Exercise) and Net Calories (the difference between your Food and Workout) detailed on a daily basis.

The ‘Excercise Diary’ gives you the opportunity to input your daily activities such as; Desk Work, Sleeping, Resting, etc.

Lastly, the Weight Tracker’ shows you a graphic which displays the progress of your diet by dates. You might input your new weight every day to make this feature work accurately.

WARNING: The developers say that some foods may not be suitable for some people and you should seek medical advice before beginning any diet.

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