Call Faker

A great way to get out of a terrible date or play a practical joke on your friends

Call Faker is a simple to navigate novelty Android widget. This Android widget is easy to use and serves a few purposes and can also be used for when you need a good laugh.

Call Faker Android Widget Features

Schedule Phone Calls: The first feature Call Faker Android widget offers is the schedule phone calls option. This option allows the user to schedule their phone to ring at a date and time setup by the user similar to an alarm. However, the twist on this is that you can setup exactly what the name and number of the phone call will display. So possible uses include pretending you have another individual on the phone and playing a joke on the person who is next to you and they will never know you are playing a prank on them! This is best used with the fake incoming calls option, which gives you full customization of what your screen will say.

Immediate Call Widget: With the immediate call widget feature of Call Faker, you will never have to be stuck in an awkward situation again. This is important if you are ever in a bind and need to make a quick getaway. You can setup an automatic switch on your android phone screen that allows you to use a one button press to send a fake phone call to your screen. From there, you can quietly excuse yourself and rid yourself of the horrible situation you may be in.

A fun way to get away from uncomfortable situations

Call Faker is a simple and fun Android widget that can be useful in certain situations. If you have ever needed to look important to impress a potential business partner, you can use the schedule phone calls feature to become “interrupted” and pretend like you have to take another important business call. The immediate call widget is also great for unexpected visitors or a way to get away from running into a stranger in the grocery market by receiving a phone call right away. Finally, the fake incoming calls feature is best used when joking around with a pal by putting the number and name to display on the screen. If you are looking to kill some time or hate being stuck in awkward social situations, Call Faker will have your back.

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