Burn the Turkey

Need some extra motivation to lose the weight gained over the Thanksgiving? Burn the Turkey Android widget may be the right widget for you.

Burn the Turkey is a colorful and fun way to track the calories you burn from your various exercise activities and shows how many calories must be lost to reduce the excess food consumed during the Thanksgiving holiday. The way the Android widget works is that a graphic of a turkey is displayed on your android’s home screen. Every time you exercise with Noom Weight Loss Coach, another Android widget that monitors your exercise techniques by using your phones GPS to see how far you have walked, jogged, or ran Burn The Turkey imports this data into its own program. From there, the turkey that is displayed begins to slowly disappear, with correlation to how many calories you have burned. When you have burned 3,000 calories, the turkey disappears and you have lost all of your extra Thanksgiving weight! This is an excellent motivation tool as seeing the turkey go down every day is a great and constant reminder. Once you finish off the turkey, you get a nice little surprise that must be witnessed and is a great celebrity measure to celebrate your new weight loss goal!

Why Download Burn The Turkey Android Widget?Burn The Turkey Instructions Burn the Turkey

The simple answer to this question is to help motivate you to lose a little extra weight after the holidays. Everyone could use a little inspiration when it comes to weight loss and Burn the Turkey does an excellent job. Also, Burn the Turkey is very lightweight and does not require a large amount of hard disk space to be used.

Burn the Turkey is a fun and lightweight to help motivate and inspire the user to drop a few pounds. When it comes to monitoring your weight loss progress, Burn the Turkey does a great job. Having the turkey icon in the background of the phone is a constant reminder and I found myself when checking my email or text messages on my phone that the icon would be present on the home screen, reminding me to get in a little exercise before I went to bed. How long will it take you to lose the thanksgiving weight this year? Two weeks? One month? By using Burn the Turkey Widget you can take action and begin your weight loss journey today.

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