Brain Age Test Free

One of the most popular gameboy games of all time Brain Age now finds its way to android phones.

Brain Age Test Free is a free to download Android widget that is a series of minigames that will determine the users brain age. The user’s “brain age” is an age that is determined on how fast and accurate the questions were answered during the game that was played. A low brain age is considered good while a high brain age such as 44 is considered slow.

How to Start Using Brain Age Test Free

Brain Age Test Free has several different options including test, training, settings, and progress. The test portion of the game is a minigame where the user is exposed to several different numbers on their screen and after a few seconds, they are quickly flipped over and replaced are several red dots. From there, the user has to remember which number was where on the screen and press them in number order, meaning if the three numbers you received were 0,4, and 10, you will need to press them in smallest to largest. Brain Age Test Free quickly becomes more and more difficult as the game continues and you get three misses before the game is ended. From there, you will be given your brain age. The training mode is similar to the test game and simply allows the user to practice for the test game. The settings tab is used to turn off and on the sound, vibration, and the ability to import your own music into the game. However, using music is not recommended as it makes concentrating on the game much more difficult and can result in a lower brain age that you would like.

Get Brain Age Test Free Today

Brain Age Test Free has been downloaded over 2 million times, and it is easy to see why. Brain Age is a fun game that is not only entertaining, but also provides some educational value. The game is free to try and a great way to pass the time while you are waiting for the bus to arrive, in the doctor’s office, or anywhere you are bored. The levels in Brain Age Test Free get more and more difficulty and getting to level 9 is nearly impossible. Trying to raise your brain age is a great experience and helps stimulate the brain at the same time. Give it a try, and see what your brain age is today.


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