Bluetooth File Transfer

Share your files with other devices through Bluetooth File Transfer for Android

Bluetooth File Transfer Widget is one of the best Bluetooth managers for Android devices. This Android widget allows you to browse, explore and manage files of any Bluetooth device. Furthermore, you can use File Transfer Profile (FTP) and Object Push Profile (OPP) to receive files and send contacts.

Let’s take a look at the Android widget functions

First of all, you’ll need to add the Android widget to your Home screen in order to use the listed features below:

  • Bluetooth on/off – You can turn on/off the Bluetooth by pressing this button.
  • Visibility on/off – This function will request permission to turn BT on and to make your Android visible to other devices for 300 seconds.
  • BT file sharing service (FTP) – Start your server on port 30. Allows remote devices to connect to your Android.
  • BT file receiving service (OPP) – Start your server on port 12. You can receive files from other devices.

Even more features

Bluetooth File Transfer provides you with a custom security manager for incoming BT connections. This way the devices can be connected to your Android only under your authorization. If you deny it, no access will be granted to your Android.

Since this Android widget has incorporated a ‘File Browser’ feature you can cut, copy, move, paste and delete multiple items. This built-in function also allows you to share a single file or an entire path.

Bluetooth File Transfer is really user friendly, this means that its User Interface is very nice, clean and fast. In addition, you can customize any aspect of the file viewer. For example, you can choose between thumbnail or list view and sort your files by type, name, size, date, etc.

This Android widget allows you to create new folders, search for files (also inside compressed files, however, it can take longer), and compress, uncompress and extract Zip, GZip or Tar files type.

What languages does it support?

Lastly, you need to know that Bluetooth File Transfer Widget supports 18 different languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Dutch, Chinese, Greek, etc. You can configure it by going to Menu > More > Settings > Choose Language.

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