Stay Up-to-Date with All the Latest Tech Buzz

APPY Geek Widget is the perfect Android widget for all you tech junkies out there. With so many tech-related articles being written every day, you kinda just want a single spot to get all your breaking news. And that’s exactly what APPY Geek Widget was made for. Now you don’t have to browse the entire web yourself for your daily fix of technological goodness.

The One Place for All You Need to Know

APPY Geek Widget is the only place you’ll ever need to stop by to learn all you need to know along the technology spectrum. Thanks to a nifty little feature called TagNav, this Android widget treks the virtual realm for all the latest stories and key events on the technology side of things.

And since this widget can be conveniently placed on the home screen, you can simply look at it and see what everyone’s talking about. But that’s not all! Every once in a while, APPY Geek will ping you with alerts to let you know what you should know. Now how’s that for breaking news?

More On TagNav

Still don’t know what TagNav is? Well, TagNav is this Android widget’s main attraction. It’s what is used to browse and pinpoint everything you need to know when it comes to technology. By highlighting several major keywords throughout all news stories within a worldwide radius, TagNav gives you all that is relevant to tech.

Want to know about the newest game releases? How about news on the latest in smartphones? Or maybe you’d like to know what laptop you should buy? It’s all there, and will give you even more whenever something new comes up. So basically, by having the APPY Geek Widget, you are almost guaranteed never to be out of the loop.

Customize Your Personalization

So say you only have certain interests and only care about being updated on specific subjects. Will you have to browse through everything just to read up on them? Of course not. APPY Geek Widget can be very personal. This Android widget allows you to create your own news feeds and personalize them to send only information on the specific subjects you care about.

And customizing this Android widget is really easy. Simply go to the Menu>Settings menu, and go to town. If your native language isn’t English and/or you don’t live in the United States, change the language and/or country of origin of the articles you see. This is also where you would go to personalize what the  shows you, letting you set customized notifications for breaking news, my News and APPY Geek information, all from within the Settings>Notifications menu, alongside the ability to set the update frequency and enable/disable notification sounds.

Tweet It on Facebook

Lastly, with this Android widget, you can share all the news you find interesting with your friends. You can tweet it on Twitter, Like it on Facebook or share it with anything else your phone may have. With so many interesting things happening in the tech world these days, your friends are bound to thank you for sharing some of it.

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