App 2 SD (move app to SD Card)

Free up space on your phone’s internal memory and start moving programs easily to your SD card with App 2 SD.

The Android platform did a lot of great things with their operating system; However, in one area did they make things a little more complicated than it needed to be. On most Android phones, there is an internal memory area where you can stores applications, pictures, and everything else and a SD card installed internally. The default storage device is the internal memory, which can be filled up fast if you are an avid music downloader or enjoy playing a large amount of games on your phone. To make things more confusing, there are many Android widgets and applications that are only able to be installed on the internal memory and will not work on the SD card. App 2 SD Widget is a new Android widget that allows the user to easily move all of their apps straight to the SD card and therefore freeing up space and making things much more clean and organized on your phone.

How to start using App 2 SD Widget

After downloading App 2 SD Widget from the market, the Android widget is an absolute breeze to use. The easy to use interface has two options, movable apps, apps already on the SD Card and applications that cannot be moved. From the’ Movable Apps’ menu, you can start moving your programs straight to the SD card.

Remember not to move your apps which include Android widgets to your SD Card because the Android OS doesn’t still support the widget functionality from external storage. If you do it, the App Widget will disappear from the Android widgets list.

Speed up your phone with App 2 SD

App 2 SD Widget is a fairly simple program, however, is very effective. If you have many different applications running on your internal memory, each of these programs can slow down your phone and cause simple tasks such as making a phone call slow. However, by simply using the easy to use interface with App 2 SD Widget you can move your files to your SD card making your phone run much faster.

Do I Need App 2 SD?

Anyone who has a large amount of applications should heavily consider downloading and running App 2 SD Widget. It could not be easier to use and will speed up your phone tremendously. In addition, if your phone does not have a large internal hard drive, this Android widget is absolutely essential in helping your phone run the best that it can. Even in your are not tech friendly, you have no problems using the easy and simple interface.

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