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Amazon MP3 store is the closest thing the Android platform has to compete with iTunes and it does a pretty darn good job.

Amazon MP3 widget for Android allows the user to purchase music directly to their phone. It will be impossible to do a review of the Android widget without mentioning iTunes, Amazon’s biggest digital music competitor that is not available on the android platform. The good news is that the Amazon MP3 widget is a great application that should satisfy all of your music needs and make the use of ITunes unnecessary.

The Amazon MP3 widget is very user friendly and easy to navigate. Once you open the program, you can either browse popular songs and albums or you can use the simple search box to find a certain song you have been dying to hear.

A unique feature the Amazon MP3 widget has is their cloud music player. The cloud music player is a program that will allow you to play all of the music you have purchased from Amazon from their cloud server. When you purchase a song from Amazon, you have the option to either save the song directly to your phone or to store it on their server. Once saved to their cloud server, you can play your songs straight from the program in perfect quality. This is an excellent feature for those who do not what to clutter their phone with a large amount of songs or those who have a limited amount of hard drive space available on their phone. In addition, Amazon allows the user 5 gigabytes of storage space to where they can upload from their computer songs that they previously have downloaded the option to play those songs from their phone. The cloud feature alone makes the Amazon MP3 widget very useful, and one of the best android widgets currently available for playing music.

Pros of Amazon MP3 Store Widget

  • Over 17 Million Songs available.
  • If you lose or upgrade your phone, your amazon account will remember which songs you have purchased and you will be able to re-download all of your purchased tracks.
  • Easily find the most popular and bestselling albums and songs.
  • Buying a complete album is often very inexpensive and often much cheaper than using itunes.
  • Daily specials allow you to find new songs at a heavily discounted price.
  • Amazon’s cloud server is a great way to store your songs if you have limited storage space on your mobile device.

Cons of Amazon MP3 Store App

  • Very difficult to uninstall
  • Cloud storage is limited to United States users only

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