aCurrency Widget

Are you going to Europe next month? What is the Euro exchange rate?

aCurrency Widget will let you know about more than 180 currency exchange rates. Not only is it very easy to configure the currencies that you need to check but also the widget provides you with full chart details (up to 6 months of historical information).

What about buying clothes in other countries? Is it as cheap as it seems?

This widget also gives you the opportunity to input the exact value that you need to convert to  any currency you select. Furthermore, it will allow you to track multi-currencies in case you are visiting more than one country and to check the inverse conversion with only one screen touch.

More Features:

It supports portrait and landscape mode, offline access and to import/export the currency list. Appart from that, you can choose between different themes and colors to display the widget.

One of the most particular attributes is the chance of taking a screenshot and sharing it by email, Facebook, Twitter or the social application you want.

aCurrency Widget brings you the possibility of setting the update frecuency to suit your needs. We recommend you to check out Giving the proper use to Android Widgets to maximize the android device’s usage.

Finally, the widget developers enable support by email at: Settings > About (at the bottom of that page).

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