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You wouldn’t share your office space with 250 or more other companies would you?

Why would you want to share your web site on a server with hundreds of other competitors?

It doesn’t make sense. You’ve worked hard and spent a lot of time and money to build a successful web site. Why take a chance on letting hundreds of other companies affect the performance of your web site. Hard to imagine? Read on.

Imagine going to your office some morning only to find out that your landlord has moved 250 other companies into YOUR office? (and you have no say in the matter) “Ridiculous” you say?

Would you let 250 other people share your personal computer? Of course not, yet did you know that you share web space with hundreds of other companies? Don’t believe me? Ask your hosting company to come clean. Who are those others? You don’t know do you? Your hosting company won’t tell you either. If some of those sites use heavy ecommerce, database, or special cgi applications, YOUR site will run slower.

Do you share a server with a porno site? You can bet that the site will slow WAY DOWN in the evening, as the server struggles to feed those pictures to thousands of viewers.

Is there a company on the server doing some experimental web programming? Programs such as ASP? If their program has bugs it could crash YOUR computer. You have no control over it, and you’ll be off the Internet until a technician can find the problem and bring the computer back online. (It happens much more often than you may think). These things can cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue, and you would never know it.

Why so many domains on a single system?

Have you ever wondered how an Internet Provider can provide web hosting from $9 to $50 per month and still make a profit? The answer is simple, the more web sites that they can put on the same computer, the more money they’ll make.

Maybe it’s time you looked into owning your OWN dedicated web hosting server. It’s easier and cheaper than you think.

You don’t need to be a technical genius to manage your own server. We’re there to help.

You won’t have to fuss with confusing “user panels”, that were developed by network engineers with little regards to the non technical user. (They always seem to assume we know more about managing a network than we really do).

Up until now, you needed to understand DNS entries, “A records”, “mx records”, zone files and a host of other server files. Acetech USA want’s to be YOUR technical department. We can provide you with any level of support and help you need, from 100% 24 hour a day support to allowing your technical people to have FULL control over all aspects of the computer.

We’ll work with you to choose the perfect configuration for you. Because each customer is different, we’ll spend much more time with you UP FRONT than the typical server farm who just want’s you to sign up online and send your money to THEIR bank.

We’ll look at your computing requirements, your bandwidth requirements, your present technical expertise and your future growth to set up just the right combination for YOU.

We want to work closely with you for YEARS to come. We’ll get you up online with your OWN server quickly, with no hassle and no headaches.

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