Accupedo – Pedometer Widget

Track your distance and how many steps you take in style on your next outdoor walk or run

A Pedometer is a device that you can attach to your body and it will determine how many steps you take and how far you have traveled. If one is trying to lose weight, owning a Pedometer is a great way to track how many miles you have jogged and how you can try and increase the distance every time you go exercise. One of the best benefits to owning an android phone is the GPS capability, and with Accupedo – Pedometer Widget you can use your phone as an intelligent pedometer.

Accupedo Features and Options

  • A one of a kid 3d algorithm is used to determine the walking patterns of users of Accupedo.
  • Accupedo can be run on your phone by placing the phone in your pocket, purse, or backpack.
  • Accupedo also has a great list of daily goals you can set and charts to show the progress of how your exercise routine. You can see how many steps a month you have taken and how you have improved your daily exercise routine.
  • This android widget also has a nice calorie tracking portion. You can see how long you have walked or exercised and see how many calories you have burned in that time period.
  • Accupedo is fully customizable and you can add one of three different sizes to your phone’s home screen. The smaller icon displays steps and miles walked, the second largest icon displays some charts, and the third largest displays calories and steps and has the most information provided.

Accupedo Cons

  • Accupedo – Pedometer Widget is not usuable on all android enabled phones, and phones that do not support the G-senor feature will not be able to use this android widget to its full potential.
  • This exercise android widget is not free, and this program is a trial for the paid version. You can use Accupedo for up to 7 days before the widget locks the user out and is no longer functional. However, the android widget only costs $3.99 and is worth every penny upgrading to the pro version.

Acupedo – Pedometer Widget is a great Android widget that can track all of your jogging and walking exercises. Knowing how many miles and calories burned is extremely encouraging and graphing the distance you have traveled is a great feature.

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