2x Battery – Battery Saver

Get the most out of your battery with 2x Battery Widget!

2x Battery Widget helps your Android extend its battery life up to 70% on every charge. This Android widget saves you power consumption and data plan expenses by intelligently and transparently managing Mobile data connection. 2x Battery Widget virtually doubles the battery life of your Android gear.

How does 2x Battery Widget work? This Android widget extends battery life by periodically togging the always-on Mobile data connection, but still keeping the background data synchronization on.

Let’s check out the main features

  • Automatically connect/disconnect Mobile data connection depending whether the screen turns off or on.
  • To prevent disrupting active data transmission, the device will remain connected until all the data is transmitted over the connection. E.g. It won’t disable the data connection when background data sync or data transmission is active.
  • 2x Battery displays the extended battery life and estimated empty battery time information. This Android widget also shows used battery and time since unplugged.
  • The user settings will always have priority. E.g. If your disable the ‘Data Enabled’ option from Android settings menu, 2x Battery won’t touch the data connection until you explicity re-enable it.

2xBattery Status 2x Battery   Battery SaverAndroid widget’s functions & Tips

2x Battery Widget is very easy to use. You can enable/disable the 2x Battery tapping the switch area (right side of the widget). This Android widget also shows you detailed battery status from the home screen.

In the information area, the first line shows the current battery level and power charging state. The next information shows how much battery was used. The estimated life extended value is showed on the last line. If you tap the information area you will launch the 2x Battery Main Menu.

According to giving the best use to your Android widget and avoid having problems with it, you mustn’t install 2x Battery on your SD Card. In addition, we strongly recommend you to add 2x Battery to the ingonre list, in case you have a Task Killer application installed.

Any Support?
Lastly, you can send an email to the widget developers in case you have any doubts or suggestions by going to: Settings > About > Email.

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