10 Best IOS Racing Games

Ranking the top 10 best games is unfair somehow because there isn’t any looser in a bunch. All of the following games are fun to play. Especially the top 3 games can go in any order. These games are totally free and can be downloaded easily in your smart phone. No matter you lived your life a quarter mile at that time or not, but you should be speeding towards the Application Store and downloading these 10 Best IOS Racing Games.

1. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit

Need for speed hot pursuit launches the new world of racing with the most beautiful cars.
It is loaded with action and this game can make you the most wanted racer as well. You can drive up to 20 precious cars across 24 day and night tracks. Collect bounty and rise to the top ranks.
2. Crazy Taxi

Crazy taxi is the open world racing video game published by sega. The main purpose of the game Is to pick up customers and then drop them to their destination as soon as possible. In crazy taxi time is money and only crazy cabbies can have victory. It includes transport back to 2000, environment that makes your journey tough and best music track.
3. Asphalt 7: Heat

Asphalt 7 heat enables you to hit the speed of heat in the newest, fastest and the most thrilling way. Asphalt 7 includes the race across the globe and first class line up. You can challenge your 5 friends at a same time across the world. It is packed up with 15 different modes and 150 new racing styles. Best graphics and sound track makes the game more perfect.
4. Real Racing 3

Real racing 3 introduces the new standard of racing games. It takes a lot of space , make sure that you must have 1.2GB free space in your phone. Real race 3 includes the wide variety of licensed cars, 22 car grids and number of cars that seems real. They enable you to race anyone, any time at any place. Unlike in the previous Racing games, players are required to maintain and service their vehicles; if the player does not perform well maintenance, the car’s performance will suffer badly. Therefore one must be above 13 years of age to play that licensed game.
5. Riptide GP

Riptide GP is about the wild ride across the twisting rivers and canals, skills, stunts and the speed will be your weapons to grab the massive waves. It includes 3 games mode, race, hot lap and champion ship. You can also alter your environment in mid race.


6. Table Top Racing

Table top racing is the all manners car racing game. It includes 4 Player Multi-player battles, 30 Achievements ,18 Leader boards, 10 Upgradeable Cars , 8 Incredible Race Tracks , 4 Fierce Championships, 30+ Special Events ,6 Unique Game play Modes , 9 Cunning Power-Ups, I Cloud Save, IOS 6.0 .0 Compatible and much more. So it is just a click away , Download it on your phone and have fun.

7. CSR Racing

CSR racing is the game for incredible racing lover. CSR racing is free game you need to play. It includes stunning graphics, licensed cars and ultimate challenges. You can also upgrade you car and can customize your ride.


8. Sonic And Sega All Star Racing

It is the world’s fastest hedgehog, Sonic, and the SEGA All-Stars are zooming on to your I Phone and I Pad for the ultimate party racing showdown. It includes all the stars you can pick up your desire character, two companies and four parties and a victory lap.
9. Draw Race 2

It is a unique touch based racing games. It is a huge single player game with 180 challenges. It includes realistic cars physics and 3D tracks with excellent graphics and sound track.


10. Smash Cops

It is joined by 15 million players all across the world. It includes 30 missions to play, 8 vehicles to collect and 7 mini games, Smash Cops is an intense action racing game that improves your driving skills as well.


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