WiFi Tethering

ne of the major benefits of owning an android smart phone is the ease of being able to connect your laptop or home computer to the internet via tethering. WiFi Tethering is a new Android widget that makes it easier than ever to do this and even if this sounds difficult or you are not very technological handy, you will have no problem connecting to the Internet on your laptop anywhere in your town.

What exactly is Tethering?

Tethering simply means sharing the Internet connection of your android phone and allows your laptop or desktop computer to connect to the internet. You plug in your usb cable from your phone into your computer and your computer will be able to browse websites and everything else you could normally do while using the internet. Your phones data plan is used and tethering provides an internet modem that allows you to access the internet in areas where there is no WiFi or LAN internet connection.

Things to Look For Before Using WiFi Tethering

WiFi Tethering Settings WiFi TetheringBefore using WiFi Tethering android widget, there are a few things you will want to consider first. For one, because WiFi Tethering uses your phone’s data plan if you do not have an unlimited data plan you will not want to use this android widget as tethering uses a tremendous amount of data. If you browse the internet and you pay for your data plan in mgbs, you can end up with a huge phone bill and be in big trouble! Another factor to consider is that you will only be able to access internet in places where your phone has a signal and bars. This means if you want to take your laptop camping and are in the middle of nowhere, you may not get a strong signal and not be able to get internet via tethering.

WiFi Tethering android widget is an amazing way to be able to access the web in places you normally would not be able to. If you have a laptop and want to be able to connect to the internet at the park, library, or even in your car than tethering is the way to do so. Tethering is a very handy feature and a great way to show up your iPhone friends as they cannot tether their phones unless they jailbreak them first. Tethering will come in handy eventually and you will be glad you have the Android widget WiFi Tethering at your disposal.

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