WiFi Manager

WiFi Manager is a gorgeous, lightweight program to manage all your WiFi connections all from your phone’s home screen.

WiFi Manger is a fairly easy Android widget that allows you to manage your phone’s wireless Internet connection with the touch of a few buttons. The interface of WiFi Manager looks similar to the wireless networks that you would find on a Windows computer, so if you are familiar with using a desktop PC to connect to wireless networks, than using this Android widget will be a smooth transition. The WiFi Manager is a solid app in itself, but the real benefit of using the program is the widget you can attach to your phone’s home screen. You can quickly switch networks from the home screen if need be so if you are entering a Starbucks or McDonald’s, you can quickly switch to their wireless Internet and not miss a beat on your browser or email.

WiFi Manager Main Features:Buy WiFi Manager Premium WiFi Manager

  • Great colorful interface.
  • You can set the default for the program to connect to the last network you have used, which is very convenient. Every time I come home the Android widget will automatically connect to my home network saving a tremendous amount of time if you add it all up.
  • One feature that is extremely convenient is the ability to switch your WiFi on and off. Leaving your WiFi setting on all day can be very heavy on the battery and can lead to your phone dying prematurely. However, one of the best features of WiFi Manager is the ability to turn off WiFi searching, so if you happen to be in an area where there are no wireless connections or you have no need for connecting to a network, you can preserve your battery.
  • WiFi Manager has a whole bunch of free features, only some features are made for purchase.
  • You can download the trial version and if you like the widget, you can upgrade and get the paid version for only $1.75 (you can get it from the application through Google Checkout).

WiFi Manager Conclusion

There are many different wireless network manager programs; however you cannot go wrong with WiFi Manager. This Android widget is easy to use, painless to setup, and works on all Android enabled phones. It is highly recommended to keep the WiFi Manager widget on your desktop at all times, so you can quickly turn off your wireless networks to save battery, or to change your network on the go and no matter where you are, you should have no problem switching and finding a new wireless connection.

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