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Small business startups. Success depends on your willingness to do the homework, research your theme and follow instructions.

The reward you can receive from all the work – you will look back on all the effort you have put in and how the business has steadily progressed because you did it right. My small business startups are always challenging. After the first one the process gets better and better. It is truly a blast! You should have fun doing it too. In the beginning you cannot see the big picture – it takes long hours of faith and hard work but it starts to come together. Be careful not to fall into this rut or ‘bog’, as I call it, and let the frustration grind your effort to a stop. When that happens you have to change gears – change subjects – get on some other part of the project for a while and come back to it. I’ll often take a brake and just go outside and walk around a bit. Soon enough I’ll get back into gear and hammer it out.

Nothing can kill your small business startup faster than running into dead ends, not finishing tasks and getting buried with questions that seem to have no answers. When you work at home you can’t just turn to the person next to you and ask a question. You have to learn how to take charge of your individual situation and keep moving forward. Learn where to look for answers and keep track of your own progress because no one else is going to do it. Everything comes back to you when you work for yourself. Small business startup success comes with a price.

Small business startup success requires that you put in hours of studying, reading and lots of research. In the beginning you are going to do tasks that you don’t fully understand but after you get going you will start to see the big picture. When you find your niche you will start seeing the different ways you will monetize your concept and that’s when the light bulb comes on. When you see it coming together the excitement becomes your fuel. One of my favorite subjects is small business startups. And, affiliate marketing is one of my favorite monetization models. There is nothing more satisfying than doing what you like and liking what you do. The getting paid to do it part is just icing on the cake. Remember, if you build it (properly), they (the dollars) will come.


Step back from all the daily goings on, close the door and think about nothing but you for a minute. About your hopes and dreams. What would you like to do? Think about what you really enjoy doing. Can you see yourself starting a business? There have been times you have come up with thoughts that you said to yourself “that’s a good idea”. Small buisiness startups are successful more often than not when the business theme accurately portrays the owner’s own attachment to the niche. Put yourself into your small business startup and be prosperous. Make it look like you.

You have to start thinking about something that you can be excited about and then really go after it! One reason for this is when you sell something that you truly believe in you really don’t have to sell it because it sells itself. Another reason for this kind of thinking is that when you are working on a project that appeals to you, something that you really like, it becomes enjoyable – not work. It just comes out of you. You begin to immerse yourself to the point of having to remind yourself to stop working sometimes.

So put yourself into a place in your mind that you only think about what your interests are.

Start right now by writing down every hobby, every interest, everything you have knowledge in and put it all down on paper. Even put the stuff down that you may have knowledge and not like very much but you were good at – sometimes being good at something makes other ideas come out. Put it all on paper and put it in front of you.

Here’s some help to jog your brain – get the juices flowing.

Everyone knows something about something. If you have experience in your present work that could be translated into a home business opportunity you should explore the possibilities. Break it down to every task. Take a note pad with you in your car and write down all possible small business startups that comes to mind.

Remember that your startup is the ground zero from where you will expand and grow. Do it right in the beginning and you will have a better footing to expand on later. You will enjoy a much higher level of success in your various small business startups if you get the basics and follow instructions as closely as you possibly can. Now,

Nail down three to five potential startup ideas that you have boiled down from all your brainteasers. Is there an area or two that you know and really enjoy? Think of branches of possible business opportunities that may come from this main interest and try to develop two more niches.

Right now you should have one or two possible interests to consider. Let’s put them aside for a minute.

Let’s talk about your dreams of a small business. Startups will often be the most difficult to get off the ground due to (for lack of a better way to put it) the inability to see the big picture. One of the most important things to remember is that as you go through the process you must stay with the program and follow through. Push yourself to success. Only at the end of the startup process will you be able to appreciate how it all comes together.

That said, I want to give you a piece of the big picture that will be a major part of your success and that is the importance of keyword focused content. To get keyword focused content you have no choice but to do the keyword research and do lots of it.

Keyword Research. Here is where your business development begins. You will start to see how your interests, knowledge base and experience come together to form your particular concept – your niche.

Whenever you go online to look for a particular topic you type in certain keywords and the search engines provided you with a list of sites to visit that may meet the criteria entered in the keyword search. These keywords are used by search engines everywhere to locate the particular topic you are searching for.

When you have a website designed around your niche you have researched certain keywords that apply to your concept. What you want is to have a website that people will find who are interested in your niche. When a potential visitor finds your site on the web it is through keywords and the way you employ keywords on your site. There is more to this subject than I can explain here. We will go into this further a little later on.

When you consider the possible niche concepts that you have written down you will need to find out just how marketable they are. In other words is the concept that you are considering something that other people are searching for? And, is it monetizable?

It is a must that you understand Keywords and why they are so important, so let’s go to Keyword Research. then click back to this page and we’ll continue. And if it helps, keep plenty of notes and refer back to them. Write down tasks that have to be done and put a line through each one after you have gotten it done. That way, with all this information coming at you, you will be able to get it all done without missing anything.

In order to do this kind of research you will need access to keyword research tools. There are several good keyword generating sources out there. You can use GoodKeywords, Google Suggest, or Wordtracker to help identify keywords. One that I use is Google Adwords Keyword Tool. To access this free tool you will need to set up a Google account. The set up is free and the keyword tool is free.

So stop everything now and click here to sign up for your free Google account. When you get to Google’s home page go to the top right hand side and click sign in. In the next window you will see in the center of the page near the top a place that you can “create one for free”. Just follow the instructions.

Now that you have your free Google account get a file folder and label it “Google”. Inside the front cover of the file write down your password and account information. Then set the file aside for future use. Keep it handy, you’ll need it.

The reason for this is that when you start to create your own website you will have many various kinds of accounts all password protected with account numbers and log ins. You will be much better off by starting a separate file folder for everything and keeping the various passwords written down inside the files. Organize!

Go to the Google keyword tool and begin a keyword search on the concepts that you are considering. Of the two or three various topics of interests that you have you need do a separate keyword search for each concept. We want to find out which one is best suited for you to make money. Keep track of the number of keyword variations, the level of competition in each word and so on.

Information derived from this type of searching will help you analyze and then decide on potential web page content and therefore marketing strategies. Don’t feel like this is over your head, just keep going and do everything the way I tell you.

Let me explain a few things here about small business startups and the importance of keyword searching. If you are interested in a particular topic that has little or no keyword traffic there may not be enough market for you to monetize the subject. In other words it may be too narrow of a subject to start a business – there may not be enough market for it. To maximize your ability to start a business online and be profitable you will need to find a niche that is marketable – that has people looking for it. Finding a subject that has good number of keyword variations shows that there is a good number of people looking for information on that subject.

On another note if you research a word say for example “dogs”. Your search is going to return thousands of word variations. This subject is too wide – too big. Narrow down the search to find a more meaningful set of keywords like using “dog breeder”. Now, you’ve eliminated every other kind of word or topic that could be associated with just “dog”. Now you will get words that help you identify the niche as either a viable choice or one that is too narrow.

This is a very important subject and I have found valuable help with my research using the Google keyword tool. Tool around in the site inputting various keywords that fit your particular interest to see what comes up. I suggest that you save each set of words for analysis later on. You can download them right to your notepad program or even excel. Save them as the name “Keyword Dog Breeder” or whatever you named your concept.

This is a basic starting point in doing niche research. There are a number of keyword tools out there. The free ones are great, I love ’em. Google is very thorough and trying other tools will bring in more results to look at.

When I say don’t over do and spend too much time on a particular step I am not including the subject of niche research. The more niche research you do the better your understanding will be of the market. Also, if later on in the process you decide to go back and do more niche research do it. It’s worth every minute to do this kind of research to be able to make the right decisions. Know your subject.

A thorough, patient and even methodical approach on niche research will pay dividends in the long run. You will use keywords in everything you do on the internet so you may as well cut your teeth (so to speak)on using keyword tools to nail down the marketability of your particular interests. This is going to go a long way in the planing and site development of your website.

Remember when I said “Slow Down. Think so that you are mentally prepared to spend a lot more time getting a business started”? RESEARCH IT! It’s your business to make money. Research is how you will do it.

Look at picking a niche concept that has a good number of keyword variations and medium competition. When you look at the number of keywords together with the amount of competition in that keyword niche you begin to see areas of opportunity.

Say for example you find a keyword “dog training” that has medium competition. The list of keywords “dog training” provides may be in excess of 200 phrases. With a medium amount of competition and a good number of word variations I would see that as a marketable topic for a knowledgeable hardworking “interpreneur”. But there is more to it. Small business startups must be researched objectively. In other words, how would you feel if you came across this business – would it be attractive or interesting enough to gain your confidence – enough to buy the product? And, so on…

It takes research, time and effort for you to understand how to use keyword tools, how to put the site together properly, how to monetize effectively and how to put it out there (in front of the potential client) professionally. The idea is to nail down a niche that you can write solid content about that has a market that is sufficient to sustain a business.

The next area that you will need to work after you have decided on your concept or theme is the actual planing of your business. Don’t rush. Run the keyword tools and do the homework. Everything you do in starting your business is going to be built around your theme. So, do it right.

Remember, people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. So when you have your niche hammered out go to the Plan To Succeed page. We’ll start putting your small business startup together around your chosen niche.


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