Super Swiss Army Knife

A multi use android widget Super Swiss Army Knife Free can do it all.

Swiss Army Knife is a term most used for something that fits in and does a little of everything. Super Swiss Army Knife Free is an all in one android widget that features a variety of nice little programs. This android widget has many everyday uses, and for those who love to travel and enjoy spending time outside Swiss Army Knife has a large amount of useful features.

What Can Super Swiss Army Knife Free Do For Me?

Measurements: This portion of Swiss Army Knife can be used as a small ruler or protractor. The ruler can measure not only centimeters but inches as well. While you will not be able to measure more than a few inches, for projects that require you to measure a few inches or centimeters, this program gets the job done. The second part of the measurement feature known as protractor can measure angels ranging from 0 to 180 degrees. Both of the ruler and protractor are very accurate and you can measure with a certainty that your calculations will be correct.

Flashlight: Every lose your keys in a movie theater or in the darkness of your car? The flashlight portion of this android widget allows you to use your android’s screen to light up any surface that is dark and can shed some light.

Compass: With the compass portion of Super Swiss Army Knife you will never need to carry a real compass when you go hiking or camping.

Bubble Level: A bubble level is way to help determine if a surface is either level or plumb. Anyone who is trying to hang shelves and make sure they are level known that having a bubble level is very handy.

Cross Vertical Level: By using your android phone’s camera, you can use cross vertical level to determine the angles of an object you are handing on your wall. If you like hanging pictures in your home or want to make sure all of your pictures all straight and level, cross vertical level does so very nicely.

Using the Swiss Army Knife Free android widget is an absolute blast and in a pinch the Android app works very well. If you like doing work around the house and can use a bubble level or measuring stick, you can leave them in the garage and do everything from your android phone.

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