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Would you like to improve your health by sleeeping the necessary amount of hours?

SleepBot Tracker Log Widget is designed to help you track and record your nightly sleep activity. This Android Widget provides you a set of tools like graphs, logs, detailed information about sleep health and more, in order to assist you to sleep better and improve your health.

How does SleepBot Tracker Log work?

It’s very simple, you must click on the ‘Sleep Button’ when you go to sleep and wake up. SleepBot Tracker Log Widget graphs and logs the amount of hours you sleep and nap each day. You can select an ‘optimal sleep amount’ at the ‘Settings Tab‘. This Android Widget will calculate your total ‘Sleep Debt’ over the last 10 days.

SleepBot Tracker Log Widget lets you check the history, edit/add entries, or add notes in the Tracking Tab. You can also reset the timer (in case you have trouble falling asleep) by going to Home > Menu > Curret Session.

What is Sleep Debt?

SleepBot – Main

Everyone needs a certain amount of sleep each night. For most people, this is usually around 7-8 hours a night. When you sleep less than the ‘optimal amount’ that you need, you accumulate a debt of the sleep you missed.

For example, if you need 7 hours of seleep each night, and you only got 5 hours of sleep last night, you’ve accumulated a debt of 2 hours. If you keep getting insufficient sleep, your debt grows.

However, recent research has found that you may be able to make up this debt hour for hour, up to around two weeks after accumulating it. After this time, your body may not be able to keep an accurate account of how much sleep you’re missing.

Sleep Debt is dangerous to accumulate, often resulting in excessive daytime sleepiness, impaired memory and concentration, and impaired motor skills. Symptoms have even proven comparable to having blood alcohol content of up to 0.1%, making it risky to drive or operate machinery.

This Android Widget provides you with The Epworth Sleepiness Test which can give you a good idea of how much ‘Sleep Debt’ you currently have accumulated. This test is available at the ‘Instructions’ on the main tab.

What else?

SleepBot – Graphic

SleepBot Tracking Log Widget has the following settings available:

  • Auto Flight Mode (Avoid calls while you sleep)
  • Auto Silcence (Silence your phone while you sleep)
  • WiFi Auto Off (Turn WiFi off when you push sleep button)
  • Punch in time offset (Enables punch in before you go to sleep/fall asleep to have more accurate sleep time)
  • Backup/Restore entries and certain settings to/from your SD Card.
  • Facebook Connect (Allows this widget to post entries and graphs to your Facebook account)
  • Alarm Klock Settings (Settings for the integrated Alarm Klock application)

Lastly, the developers allow you to get in contact with them by writing an email in case support is needed at Menu > Support.

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