Remember the Milk

One of the easiest ways to keep your to do list and your calendar updated with the push of a few buttons.

Keeping yourself organized is a much underrated ability. Remember the Milk is an android widget that allows the user to have a fully functional calendar and task list all built into one. Remember the Milk is extremely easy to use and features one of the simplest interfaces available of any Android widget available.

What Remember the Milk Can Do For You

  • Allows you to sync up your Google calendar with great ease.
  • Allows integration with Microsoft Outlook and many other programs.
  • New updates keeps the program fresh with new features.
  • Much superior to the default android calendar widget.
  • Multiple topics and categories allows you to organize your tasks by list and date
  • The ability to edit multiple tasks very easily. You can mark multiple tasks as complete or can change several different tasks dates.
  • When browsing the web on your phone, Remember the Milk gives the user the ability to mark a page to read at a later time.
  • This is done by clicking the menu button on your android phone, hitting more, than hitting share, and from there you can select Remember the milk. Then, this will show up as a task in your Android widget and can be read at a later time.
  • You can add tasks to your phone from your computer, which will be also saved to your phone. This is a great features as if you are working or browsing the Internet on your computer and don’t want to forget to let’s say “remember buying milk from the market” you can set the alert on your computer and you will be reminded on your phone at the time you set your alert for.
  • For tasks that need to be completed more regularly, like daily or monthly you can set unique Android widgets on your phones background for easy access.

With the Remember the Milk widget, you can easily keep all of your events and tasks organized with friendly alerts. Remember the Milk is very easy to setup and anyone who wants to keep themselves organize absolutely needs to download the Android widget right away. Remember the Milk is free to install and everyone can benefit from the use of the best android widget when it comes to organization.

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