Pregly Pregnancy Ticker

Keep track of your pregnancy, get facts and cute weekly baby drawings!

Pregly Pregnancy Ticker Widget lets any pregnant woman keep track of her first pregnancy. It allows the user to connect to women due in the same month and has the following other features:

  • Stats
  • This Week
  • Names
  • Forums
  • Baby Drawings
  • Tips & Facts
  • Food
  • Due Date Club

Main Features:

Checking the Stats you will be able to know how many weeks and days until birth date, how many weeks and days have passed, in which trimester and week the pregnant woman is and the estimated date of birth.

This Week; in this option you will find what the mother, baby and father are feeling in that week. For example; taking a look at Week Number 6 this widget could say that the mother is quite emotional during the early weeks of pregnancy. This is normal and caused mainly by pregnancy hormones.
Then for the baby, it could say that nostrils and lips now appear on their face and the eyes can be seen under the skin.
Finally regarding the father, it will suggest him to go to preconception and prenatal appointments together with the future mom. The caregiver needs to know the father’s medical history as well.

Pregly Pregnancy Ticker Widget shows you a picture which lets you have an idea about the baby’s growth.

One of the most useful tools of this widget is the Food Guide. You will have access to a list of food the mother should and shouldn’t eat. For example; she must avoid alcohol and limit the caffeine intake; but, is instead, encouraged to drink pasteurized milk.

Other Features and Support:PreglyPregnancy Stats Pregly Pregnancy Ticker

Pregly Pregnancy Ticker Widget provides you with a list of names for girls and boys and with a guide of general tips and facts. Obviously, the developeres always suggest you to discuss any concerns or worries with your doctor or midwife.

If you find any bugs you will be able to send an e-mail to the developers through the market place. They also have enabled a Forum in which you can discuss or ask in case you have any concerns.

Lastly, we can say that Pregly Pregnancy Ticker Widget has a very good reputation taking into account the mothers feedback in the Android Market Place.

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