Pokemon X and Y – Horde Encounter

Pokemon x and y are two brand-new role-playing games developed by Game Freak and published on the Nintendo 3DS by The Pokemon Company and Nintendo. They are the first official sequels to the wildly successful main series of Pokemon. To refresh your memory, Pokemon x and y include the entire cast of the original Pokemon series. They’re put up after an event in Pokemon Red, and trainers are now tasked with locating the Pokemon that survived (more on that in a moment). Pokemon x and y reintroduce a slew of older Pokemon that have undergone design and strength modifications.
Pokemon x and y are designed in such a way that you can essentially have an infinite number of Pokemon fights. This is due to the fact that Pokemon x and y have an experience point system. When you have accumulated enough experience points (EXP), you may choose whether to utilize or eliminate your Pokemon. You may perform both simultaneously or one at a time; the choice is yours.
However, it is not all. Mega Evolutions are also a part of the new Pokemon x and y mechanics. When you beat a Pokemon in the standard game, it will drop an item, and certain new features in Pokemon x and y enable you to get these things. If you don’t have a wild Pokemon, you may get one via a Mega Evolution.

Mega Evolutions work as follows: when you capture a Pokemon x or y that has the ability to Mega Evolve, you get to transport it to a particular place where it can Mega Evolve. If you are unable to capture anything that has the potential to Mega Evolve, you still have options. You may either flee and wait for someone else to Mega Evolve your Pokemon for you, or you can purchase a Raise Card and try to Mega Evolve your Pokemon on your own. Which option are you considering? It is entirely up to you how much time you want to devote to the game. To earn more experience points, purchase more goods, and spend longer time playing the game, it is suggested that you play the ‘catch them all’ option in the future.
In contrast to the standard game, the new ‘Mewtwo’ form can be acquired exclusively via an Ultra Sun game. This means that all of your current Pokemon have an ideal opportunity to Mega Evolve, and since it is a special attack, it will do significant damage. As a consequence, you should always bring any Pokemon that is capable of Mega Evolving into combat.
However, what if you’re like me and despise collecting Pokemon and have never really like any of the activities mentioned? However, there is some good news. You will be able to conduct horde encounters with all of your Pokemon in the forthcoming update to Pokemon x and y. Now, you’re probably wondering how a horde encounter feature works. That is an excellent question, and I will address it in full below.
When the new version-exclusive games were released, all players of Pokemon x and y were automatically sent to a certain location where they were needed to beat a Pokemon. Now, the player has a limited amount of time to fight each enemy without being eliminated from the fight. Now that horde encounters are possible, you no longer have to wait your turn to battle. When you start a fight, all of your Pokemon are immediately transferred to your bag. This is not true for all pokemon types, though. There are a few pokemon kinds (and a few pokemon moves) that will now leave your party only if you transfer them.
If you’re serious in collecting rare Pokemon and don’t want to grind your way to the peak, you might choose another route. In Pokemon x and y, a new feature enables you to capture Pokemon through horde captures. This means that rather than randomly capturing Pokemon (which may be tedious), you can utilize something called a Pokemon breeding ball. The bottom line is that Pokemon x and y offer you much more ways to enjoy the Pokemon franchise, which is why they have grown so popular in the years following their debut.

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