PicsArt Photo Studio

An all in one photo editing app that both beginners and pros can use and enjoy

First of all, Do your remember Picsin Photo Studio or PicsIn: Photo, Draw, Share? After having some troubles with Google Market,  the developers have had to change the name of this Android widget to PicsArt Photo Studio. This new version is also updated with new functions which will be described below.

If you are on the go and are looking for an Android widget to edit, crop, and add effects to the photos you have taken, PicsArt Photo Studio does the job very well. Programs like Photoshop have become more and more popularity recently; however, one downside with photo manipulation programs like Photoshop is the steep learning curve and the difficulty in using the app. The good news is that PicsArt Photo Studio is one of the easiest Android widgets to figure out and learn while being very powerful at the same time and if you are knowledgeable with photo manipulation already, you will see that this Android widget is very powerful.

PicsArt Photo Studio Features and Options

Photo Editing: Arguably, the most powerful and useful feature of PicsArt Photo Studio android widget is the ability to edit photos and fix minor blemishes and problems. Have a few minutes to kill while waiting in line? Now you can start fixing problems with your photo. Also, with the photo editing module in this fantastic android widget, you have items such as various frames to your photo, add funny clipart to the background, and even text bubbles to add context to your photo. Finally, the ability to flip upside down photos and crop out unwanted background items is a great way to make the perfect picture without having to upload your photos to your computer.

Sharing Media on Multiple Social Networks: Another fabulous feature PicsArt Photo Studio has is the ability to upload your photos to many various social networks and websites. Some examples include Facebook, Blogger, and Flickr. This makes sharing photos very easy and a great way to show off your editing and effects skills!

One of the easiest to navigate and best Android widgets for photo manipulation

If you enjoy editing photos or are just learning how to do so, PicsArt Photo Studio is great for beginners and experts. This Android widget is absolutely free to try, so there is no downside to fixing imperfections in your photos, adding cool and interesting effects, and even taking new photographs with backgrounds and other features. The ability to take a photo, edit it to perfection, and then upload it to Facebook or email it to your friends and family is a breeze and takes out computer use altogether.

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