Noom Weight Loss

Set up a personal weight loss plan and then track your progress.

Noom Weight Loss Widget lets you set up a personalized weight loss plan, schedule a weekly workout routine, track your progress and more.

How does Noom Weight Loss Widget work?

First of all, you need to tell the widget how much weight you want to lose and in how many weeks. After that, you choose your exercise schedule and see what diet you have to mantain (Get exercise reminders and use CardioTrainer to track your workouts automatically. Each workout counts towards your goal).

Then, you must enter your weight into the program once a week. This will help you track your progress and tell the widget approximately how much you are eating. It will also recommend you a daily calorie budget.

Noom Weight Loss Widget tracks how many calories you burn through exercise, and combined with the weekly weight data, this widget can calculate your ongoing results. Better yet, this number already includes your metabolism, effectively calculating how many calories you are storing.

Over time, the widget learns your individual calorie consumption and burn habits, and becomes more accurate.

Even More

Scheduling the Workout is one of its most original features. For example, if you plan walking as one of your workout activities it will let you listen to music during the workout, turn on the GPS to check in Google maps where are you walking, how much time lapsed and the distance covered. It includes a step counter..

You are allowed to share your workouts with your friends through Facebook and Twitter. You can also check your Workout History.

Lastly if you need any support, the developers let you send them an email through the Help Menu.

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