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The constantly # 1 rated source of movie related information on the android platform.

The movies by Flixster android widget is an all in one program that provides new and old movie reviews, trailers for new movies who have yet to come out, and also movie theater show times.

Movies By Flixster Features:Flixster Find showtimes Movies by Flixster

  • Watch Movie Trailers: Have you ever found yourself on the bus or need to kill a few extra minutes? Watching popular movie trailers on Flixster is a great way to not only pass a little time but also catch up on any new movies that many be coming out soon. In addition to new releases, Flixster has over 15,000 movie trailers available that can be viewed.
  • Find Local Theaters By Zip and Find Movie Times: Flixster also has the ability to find local theaters in your area. If you are in an unfamiliar area, you can simply use your location to find the nearest theater. Also, you can check movie times from all theaters in your area. If you are on a date and things are going well and want to go to the movies? You can be prepared with Flixster android widget.
  • Movie Reviews From Rotten Tomatoes: Flixster also provides movie reviews from all the top critics via If you are like me, you like reading a few reviews before heading to the movie theater, and Flixster allows you to get multiple reviews from multiple critics.
  • Read Movie Premises: Thinking about going to the movies but not sure what the movie is about and don’t want to read critic reviews for fear of having the movie spoiled? Flixster has short movie write ups for every new movie that is coming out.
  • See New DvD Releases:Flixster also has dates and a schedule when new DvD movies are released. Don’t feel like going out to the movies and rather stay in? Now you can check when the latest blockbusters are available for rent.

If you like to go out and see movies spontaneously, reading a review on Movies android widget is not only very effective, but very convenient as well. Flixster is an absolutely 100% free android widget that is perfect for all movie lovers. If you are ever on the new go and want to go to the movies, Flixster will be able to show you theaters in your area, but also show times and reviews of the all movies that are currently out.

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