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Would you like to find your favourite lyrics in one touch?

Lyrics Search Widget lets you search songs by typing the title, artist name or just some of the keywords in the lyrics. This Android widget also allows you to share your favourite music lyrics with your friends on the net. In addition, you can quickly browse all artists by name, and once you click on one artist it will show you all the artist’s song lyrics in a list.

Let’s check out the top features:

One of the best features included in Lyrics Search Widget is the integration with the Android Music Player. If you are listening to music with this audio player and the song changes, then Lyrics Widget will automatically download the new lyric and notify you in the top bar. You can enable/disable this function simply by going to Menu > Preferences.

This Android widget also provides you with the ‘Top Lyrics’ button. This is another cool setting which will let you see the top songs that people have been bookmarking in the past days.Lyrics AllArtists Lyrics Search

Lyrics Search Widget lets you bookmark and save songs lyrics, so you can check them later. You can also comment on song lyrics and rate your favorite ones.

What styles of music can you look for? Fortunately, this Android widget allows you to search for all types of music, such as; Rock, Pop, Country, Hip-Hop music, Dance, etc.

Need support?

Lastly, the Android widget’s developers let you contact them through email in case you have any doubts or suggestions by going to: Menu > About > Feedback.

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