Hotspot Widget

Allows for quick On-Off access to your Wi-Fi

Often times now a days in this burgeoning technologically advanced world we live it is becoming more and more common to need a device capable of communication from anywhere. And moreover a faster than light communication. But since we have yet to have advanced so far in our discoveries, the wireless web, with its never ceasing, ever progressing growth in numbers followed by Gs, has been ever present to tie over our constant thirst for bigger and better. But still for now the titan in on the go communication is a little thing we have taken to calling wi fi. But to even harness this god of out and about data transference we need a device capable of handling such power. Enter the “smart phone”.Hotspot-Android-Widget

Initially wi fi was reserved for businessmen and important or rich people of the like who could afford a mobile computing device that sat ever so gracefully upon the lap. Well technology as the seasons have changed and we are now able to acquire such computing power in tiny handheld devices at speeds comparable to a “laptop”. Wi fi  for the people! But even after years of having the ability for wireless internet it was still restricted to places of employment, private residences, and hipster hangin hot spots where it was cool to get a boost that picked you up enough to GO to your place of employment or private residence…. Until now. Scientist working tirelessly round the clock with little more to eat than jack in the box tacos, and even LESS sleep to go off of have finally managed to bring fourth the capability of wireless connection through your very phone! YOU are now the wireless hotspot!! A coveted position to be sure, a wi fi hotspot through your phone allows you to connect multiple devices to the internet with you as the central distributor. Now with such leaps being made in the advancement of info transmitting, there came new advances. Those in the way of making your phones capabilities more quickly and easily accessible. Enter the “widget”.

A small button easily placed on the home screen of your Android device that is able to manage the settings of your phone without having to delve to deeply into the settings of your phone. Just as this masterfully crafted wi fi widget has done. Allowing you to switch your wi fi on and off with little to know effort. Speed and ease are the name of this game, and to all effects they are met. And at no cost to the device owner one might add. If you the consumer are looking for something that does just that, then look no further for this is the widget for you!

And now for the pros!

  • Quickly able to turn your wifi on and off.
  • Saves battery life when able to switch instead of leaving it always on.
  • Does not send you updates constantly about every hotspot you pass.

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