Go!Chat for Facebook

Would you like to receive your Facebook Chat messages in your Home Screen?

Go!Chat for Facebook Widget lets you chat with your Facebook friends without installing the whole Facebook app. This means that you can send and receive Facebook chat messages in one touch from your Android Home Screen. In addition, this Android Widget allows you to send videos, photos and voice notes to your friends.

What about the additional features?

As mentioned above, Go!Chat for Facebook Widget has some extra features besides those of the traditional Facebook Chat.

  • You can record and send new videos to your friends in a few secs.
  • Take pictures or select them from your Gallery and then send those to friends.
  • Record and send instant voice messages.
  • Mark friends as Favourite contacts.
  • Change your status to Away and set an autoresponse message.
  • Send smileys while chatting.
  • Share your Location with friends.
  • Share your conversations through Gmail, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc.

Notification Settings

Go!Chat for Facebook Widget gives you the opportunity to be notified when your favourite contacts go online/offline.

  • You can select a ringtone for the notifications.
  • Set your Android Device vibrate on incoming messages too.
  • Configure different light colors to your Android’s LED or trackball lights.

Furthermore, this widget shows you an icon on the status bar which lets you go back to the chat and alerts you of new messages.

Any support?

Unfortunately we have to say that there is no access to Help or Support available from the Android Widget. However, we have found that you can contact the developers for some support from their web site.

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