Gmail Widgets

The most advanced widgets for Gmail

With Gmail Widgets, you have your inbox right on your homescreen. You can scroll through a list of your unread messages or get a compact unread count, all without having to open an app or a browser.

For the best experience, upgrade to the full version, which acts as a complete message centre, allowing you to combine any number of Gmail accounts, labels, as well as SMS and missed call notifications on one widget. Alternatively, you can create several widgets if you like to keep things separate.

All of this comes in an easy to use package which will look great on both phone and tablets and which you can personalise depending on your needs and tastes.

How to get started with Gmail Widgets

First of all you have to add all your Gmail accounts in the Android settings and enable Gmail sync. Second, make sure the labels that you want are also synced in real time. This can be done from the Gmail app settings.
Once the preparation is complete, download Gmail Widgets and add your preferred size widget to a homescreen with enough free space. Don’t worry, you can re-size it and change any settings later(*).

Why use Gmail Widgets?

If you are using Gmail, you know that there are a number of widgets that come standard with Android 3.0 and above. However, they are not customisable in any way. Gmail Widgets offers a growing number of themes that look beautiful on any desktop.
On older versions of Android (pre-3.0), an email widget is not included at all.
Finally, this app is unique in its ability to show both sender and subject in addition to the unread count and to aggregate information from several sources into a unified view*.

Why should I pay for this?

If you are a professional user, you will appreciate the features it offers, such as multiple Gmail accounts, SMS and call integration and a clean, up to date design. If you use the free version, you will also see some ads and have to rely on community forums rather than dedicated email and phone support.

(*)full version only

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