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What is a QR Barcode? What should I use them for?

QR Barcode (Quick Response Barcode) is a 2D barcode that can store certain information such as URLs, Phone Numbers, E-mail addresses, etc. These QR barcodes can be read from web cams or mobile phone cameras.

What do we use QR Barcodes for?
We store Android Widgets URLs into them so that you can download the widgets in a few seconds from your Android Device.

How to read QR Barcodes with your Android Device:
You need to get a barcode reader application such as “Barcode Scanner”. Once you install it your device will be able to read the QR Barcodes.

Sample of QR Barcode

How to download Android Widgets using a QR Barcode Reader:
Note: In this example we will use “Barcode Scanner” as our Barcode Reader App.

  1. Open the Barcode Scanner App.
  2. Point at the QR Barcode of the widget that you want to download.
  3. Once the Barcode is read you must press the “Open Browser” button to open the download link in a browser.
  4. You are now in Android Market. Select the widget and press the install FREE button
  5. Great !! You already have your widget installed in your Android device.