Change Your Focus and Change Your Result

We’re told that we are what we eat. We’re also told (these days) we are what we think. I’d add to that with we are who we hang out with.

Eat candies all day and you’ll resemble a candy. Big and round. Hang out with losers whose daily target is how many tags they can graffiti onto walls and you’ll spend time cleaning it off again, or in jail. If your best friend is a glass half full person, guess what, so will you be (if you aren’t already). Focus on money problems and that’s what you’ll have.

Mindset has become a new buzzword for today’s entrepreneurs. Without the right mindset you’re doomed to failure. With the right mindset, you’ll be a runaway success. Oh, if only it was that easy.

I want you to answer a simple question for me. How long does it take you to refocus on the task at hand after an interruption? Clear your mind of the extraneous thoughts and get back to total focus on the job at hand. It’s probably not as quickly as you think. Even though you might not realize it, this returning to focus is a part of mindset. Practice on refocusing your mind quickly and you will find yourself improving.

What does your desk look like. Is it a mess of paper, diary, note books, bank statements, hand cream, coffee mug and the book you’re reading at lunch time? Each of those pieces of paper are seen by the mind as something incomplete. A loose end or open loop. Your mind sees this stuff and cannot ignore it. It is a reminder that you haven’t finished something. The mind cannot focus completely because it knows it has to keep everything else in there as well. It undermines your ability to stay focused. It is taking your energy away from what you are doing.

You want to achieve a balanced, open and aware state of mind for as long a period as you can. And you want to learn how to return to that state as quickly as you can after the inevitable interruptions. There are different names for this state of mind. I call this Mindset Now. being completely focused while your energy levels are at their peak. Door shut, phone turned off and email program closed. Just focused on what must be done at that particular time. I tune in to what I’m doing and make a conscious decision to work on nothing else until I’ve either finished it or the time is up. It can be difficult to focus at this intensity for too long. The mind needs a break. I can get my Mindset Now up to 60 minutes and it’s amazing just how much I can achieve.

There is an old saying of ‘if you don’t pay attention to what has your attention, it will take more of your attention than it deserves.’ By ignoring something that keeps popping into your mind, you are draining your energy and your focus. And it will probably take longer to do what you’re trying to do while ‘ignoring’ this other item.

An analogy I love for this is the phone call. If you don’t answer it, they’ll ring back and interrupt you again and again until you answer. Focus and mindset lost. You get frustrated with the phone ringing and cannot work efficiently. You finally answer the call and are then able to get back to what you were doing. But how much time have you lost. How much mindset has gone through an inability to focus. How much more could you have done if you hadn’t ignored the call.

Mindset is also focusing on what you want to achieve and where you want to be. Decide you want to buy a Ford Mondeo and you’ll see them everywhere. Look for happiness and you’ll see it everywhere. Change your focus and change your result.

> The actor and comedian Billy Connolly said “I knew I was going to be a comedian when I was about six. You get what you believe you’ll get. You have to really want it and you’ll get it.”
> Anonymous (a profilic writer of quotes) said “The difference between a dream and a goal is a plan.”
> “Look for successs. Find successful people to be with and follow. Focus on success and you’ll be one.” Kathy Robinson.

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