Beautiful Battery Disc

Determine and always know what your battery life is in a stunning black and blue icon and a gorgeous interface

One complaint many Android phone users have is problems displaying the battery life on their phones. The default icon that is displayed in the top right hand screen of Android phones is very small and also does not display a percentage. Beautiful battery disc is a free down-loadable Android widget that provides a great alternative to the battery icon that comes with Android phones.

Beautiful Battery Disc Features?

5 Customizable Widgets: Beautiful battery disc is a widget which means that the program will be constantly running in the background of your phone. There are 5 preset display settings you can use with Beautiful Battery Disc. Depending on your favorite colors and your home screen, you can customize how the widget looks. Do not worry, even though this Android widget runs in the background it will not consume extra battery life. For displaying the widget, you can pick one of two sizes, a smaller size which displays the battery percentage or a larger widget that displays the battery life and also the phone temperature.

Battery Life in Percentage: The main reason and use of Beautiful Battery disc is to display your battery life. This widget displays the battery life in percentage, which is extremely useful when determining how much longer you have until your phone dies out. If you notice your percentage gets to 15% and under, it is not recommended to use any internet features or anything else that uses extra battery power.

Phone Temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit: If you like to stream movies, play memory extensive games, or any other activities on your phone that heats up your phone monitoring its temperature may be a smart move. You can check at all times to see what the temperature of your phone is in Celsius and Fahrenheit and see if your phone is running too hot. Having your Android phone run too hot can be damaging to it, so keeping an eye on its temperature is a good move in many situations.

If you are not entirely happy with the default Android battery life monitor, than downloading beautiful battery disc is an easy decision. There are plenty of battery life monitoring Android widgets, however none are as stylish and look as stunning as beautiful battery disc.

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