Adidas miCoach

Turn your Android Device into your personal trainer

Adidas miCoach Widget assists you to achieve your goals and improve your performance at whichever sport you practice. Audible coaching and color intensity zones guide you through your workout. It uses GPS to see how fast you’re going and coaches you to stay in the right zone. You can tune your zones to match your personal running speeds by completing an Assessment Workout.

Getting Started

First of all you need to input different info such as; weight, height, gender and date of bird. By doing that, the widget can accurately calculate calories and other useful information.

Then, you need to select the voice and language of your coach. Most Voice Packages also govern your units of measure.

You can use Adidas miCoach Widget without registration, but if you get registrated you will have access to training plans, workouts, scheduling, coaching feedback, workout history and even more. Registration takes you less than a minute and is free.

If you get registered you can choose a training plan (created by the world’s top coaches) or build your own workouts. It gives you the opportunity to schedule all of these to fit with your life. This widget also lets you download your plans or workouts, you just need to go to Menu > Sync. In addition, we suggest that you sync your workouts to get your scores, routes, and charts.

What about the workouts and training plans

If you prefer not being registered you can set manual workouts such as; Free Workout (Lets you choose between some activities like running, walking, cycling, etc), Assessment Workout, Blue Workout, Green Workout and Progression Workout.

On the other hand, if you are registered you will get access to different trainings like; Men’s Training, Women’s Training, Basketball, Running, Soccer, Football and Tennis.

One of the best features of Adidas miCoach Widget is that it teaches and shows you how to do the different workout exercises with video examples.

Besides all the information above, this widget allows you to track your workout history and achievements.

Lastly, you can also check the developers website to get more detailed feedback, share workouts, surf the Forum, or choose new plans to continue the challenge.

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