10 Important Steps to Develop a Good Game

Creating a game is similar to opening a new business. You got to develop the idea, create a business plan, select a desired market, develop the game, make its advertising and launch your game in the Market, crossing your fingers to reach the desirable sales. It’s a total of 10 steps to develop a good game.

It seems really complicate, but you must understand that making it all by yourself is almost impossible. If you want to make a game, you must choose the area that fits you most and let the others specialists do there jobs.

From the paper to the consoles

The step one of developing a game is to create it. You must work on the story, the timeline, the characters, the items… Everything. This is going to be the basis to decide and develop all the rest. As more specific you are in this area, better are your chances of succeed.

Then, the second step comes. It’s time for you to study which softwares you are going to use and on which platforms you want your game to run. This will take you some time of deep studies. I truly recommend that you even go for some trials of softwares, talk to specialist and go deep here. Because deciding this, you can start your project plan and one important area of it: the financial.

So, now you have a super idea of how your game will look like, what’s the story and timeline, what’s the characters and in your mind you have a briefly idea how you want it to look like. Than you have already decided in which software you are going to work and for how many platforms the game will be produced. So, you only need to put all this informations together in your third step, the project plan.

What is the Project Plan?

As much information as you can put together. With very clear titles and a detailed menu. It’s a really boring step for those who like to see the game being build, but believe me, without a good plan it will be really hard to keep up the line during the entire project. And also, with a detailed financial plan, including the post-productions, marketing and sales, you will be able to find good investors or at least to gain the confidence from banks to borrow you some money.

Also, when a team is involved, they will always have a guide. If your Project Plan is well written, every time that a doubt comes up, anyone can give a look to the project and clean it out. Don’t jump this step and don’t let your ambition goes to far from it. Avoid walking out the line of your project. There’s a reason why you built it: to be your guideline.

Going back to our Steps

With your Project Plans in hands will be very easy to see how many people you need to work together with you. Actually, when your idea is really good, you will also find some “pay me later” professionals that will be able to work with you with a nice negotiation. So, don’t forget to consult a lawyer and provide yourself some good and safe contracts. They will be really useful in this fourth step.

After that, it’s finally time to take your project out of the papers. On the step five you will start to draw your game, create the visual part with characters, items, scenarios and everything you need to build the image of your game.

Than the sixth step comes with the 3D – in case you had decided that it’s going to be a 3D game, otherwise just find yourself a great illustrator. And don’t fool yourself, it’s not the final step. Now you must start modeling your 3D. It’s not always that the modeler is the animator. So, you are still in the area of creating the game’s design.

By now your game must have a really good shape. And it’s time to make the animators and programmers work! Welcome step seven, because you are going to make our game be a game, finally! Put the animators, the programmers and the director in one room and make them work together. This way if anything is needed, they are right there to provide each other support. You know what? Call also the audio guy! It will be really nice for him to be part of this step with this amazing team, because he can now start working on the step eight: the sound track.

If, so far, everybody is doing and amazing job, your game is about to be done. And now we must go back to the papers and work on the step nine. Developing a marketing plan to sell your game or to help you finding alternative ways of making it rentable is a really important thing to do. Without marketing the sales are going to be too low. Also, the marketing team will launch your game in a very spectacular way! Don’t give up on them.

The last step before your launching is to test your game. Don’t ever never ever jump out the step ten, because once your game is launched, a possible crash in the middle of the game will be your ticket to the failure. So, call that super gamers friends of your and ask them to test your beta version. They will explore all the game and point to you possible errors. Without launching the product to the market, you have much time to fix them.

So, if you made those ten steps with love and attention, the chances for you to fail is only if your idea is really, but really bad. But actually it’s really rare that bad ideas get so far, so we don’t believe on that.

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